Design for our best friends (pets)

They deserves best Design. For our best friends. Stop the bad smells, stop the sand on the floor, and above all a bath for our felines . We created a cat toilet, aesthetically pleasing to be placed in any room. Activated carbon filter. Built in natural wood finished with water painting. Your kitty will love. Above all the toilet will not be visible. Hygienic and functional – Easy maintenance.

Price € 125

Cat toilet logo

CAT TOILET…… privacy please!!

Cat toilet

The logical evolution of cat’s toilet. Minimalist design natural materials in full respect of Vegan philosophy. Original Design for our best friends

Dimension cm. 85 x 55 x 50.

cat toilet scheme

CATTOILET – 125 € + shipping cost

CATBED – 75 € + shipping cost

Send us a simple email with your request and we will contact you for shipping details …. thank you very much … even your kitty will thank you! mail us

cat bed logo

CAT BED….. relax please!!

Cat bed

For our cat a comfortable and healthy place. Cat like umans needs to produce vitamin D through light and therefore needs to stand in front of the window to the direct sun light. They also loves the warmth of the sun’s rays and not least the radiator warmth, in short, a well-designed bed for our friends. More…Hygienic and easy to clean, complete with fixing systems cushion covered in cotton fabric and fur (synthetic) as in the photo.

Price € 55

Cat bed scheme